Your Perfect Wardrobe Planning

Tickets and hotel are booked. You’re full of excitement before the trip but before  your scheduled meeting with the personal stylist to plan your shopping in Rome there is some home work you are advised to do. A successful shopping experience starts in your closet!

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and start planning YOUR PERFECT WARDROBE. This will help you to plan your shopping in Rome without putting unnecessary items on the list.

1.Draw a circle. Divide it in 4 to 5 areas which represent your lifestyle activities: staying at home,  working / doing your business, exercise, hobby, doing social activities.

2. All these areas are 100 % of your time. Divide it accordingly to how much time you spend on each area so that in total you get again 100 %. For example:

3. Then you check your wardrobe. Ideally you should have the same percentage of clothing items/ shoes/accessories for each lifestyle area. For example: 40 % of your wardrobe is in appropriate  style for work (dress code)/ business style; 20 %  – for home use and so on.

4. If you see a gap between your lifestyle activities and appropriate outfits available in your wardrobe, make a list of what you’re missing. It can be just in general terms like ” two different pairs of trousers, a LBD, a blouse and a skirt”. The personal stylist will help you to make it more detailed.

She’ll help you to find out  what kind of model and style of the trousers/dress/blouse/ skirt that matches your lifestyle, your personal style, your body shape and and in which colour so that it suits your colour type (if you haven’t take a colour analysis yet) when you meet in Oslo (or via Skype) for the planning of your shopping trip to Rome.

Lifestyle mapping and advice from personal stylist help you to build up a perfect wardrobe that will work for you for years!

See you on the shopping planning meeting and then in Rome! Ciao! 😉

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